Use cases we can help with

Workshare products support use cases that accelerate document reviews and provide the most secure way to share documents inside and outside your organisation.

1. Content comparison

Review files quickly and accurately on your desktop, online or directly from Outlook. Workshare Compare highlights exactly what’s different between 2 files or 2 versions of the same file. Run a comparison on your Word, PDF, PowerPoint and other content.

2. Metadata cleaning

Remove sensitive, hidden metadata from files before they’re shared. It’s fast, won’t interrupt workflows and will prevent data loss. Before files are shared, automatically scan and clean metadata including track changes, deleted or redacted information, authorship, time and date stamps.

3. Secure file transfer

If files are too large for email or too sensitive to be attached to email, use Workshare Secure File Transfer. Security policies can be intelligently applied to attachments, enabling large or sensitive files to be converted to secure links and shared via Outlook.

4. Mobile access to documents

Use Workshare’s mobile app to access files anywhere. Sync your documents to your mobile device, and integrate them with your DMS. Workshare integrates with iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText and other leading document management systems.

5. Online file sharing

Work on content and share it with colleagues, clients and partners inside or outside your organization. Use Workshare’s secure online workspace that can be structured, branded and optimized to meet your specific requirements.

6. Checklists & Closing Binders

Manage transaction document versions automatically in a checklist. Track what stage your deal is at, whose input you are waiting on, and produce the associated deal bible/closing binder at the end of the process in minutes instead of days.