Client Extranet

Set up branded online workspaces to enable clients and partners outside your organisation to securely access and collaborate on files and content.

Simple, Safe, Organized

Provide a simple, no-fuss solution for clients to access documents. Choose to organize content in a range of flexible folder structures so it’s easy to store client-specific documents. Whether uploaded, emailed from the desktop or DMS, files are subject to the same file & metadata security integral to Workshare 9.5.

Simple, Safe, Organized

Customised portal

Customize your client extranet to reflect your brand, your logo, look and feel and even the URL. For access on the move, you can even provide your clients with a free mobile app.

Controlled communications

Control communications with built-in branded notifications. Use them to alert your clients of updates to files and folders or comments on documents. Branded and customized so you stay in control of how it looks and how it comes across.

Keep clients updated

Make sure your clients and attorneys are always on the same page so there is never any doubt about which is the latest version. Your clients can even get a Deltaview redline online or in their app to see exactly what’s changed since the last version.

Keep clients updated

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