Metadata Management Tools Guide

What Is Document Metadata?

Document metadata is information about one or more aspects of a Word documents, PowerPoint slide deck, Excel spreadsheet, and PDF file that is not always visible to the person creating them, but can be found by the person who receives them next. Comments, track changes, hidden text, mark-ups, properties, attachments and bookmarks are all examples of document metadata. Organizations consider such information to be sensitive and want to prevent employees from accidentally sharing it with the wrong people.

What Is Metadata Removal Software?

Metadata removal software identifies and removes the metadata contained within a document so it cannot be shared. Company policy typically drives how and when metadata is removed from documents. Metadata removal software can clean metadata from Outlook and Microsoft Office applications or in documents before they are shared externally in an online collaboration work-space.

How Can I Remove Metadata?

Metadata can be removed to prevent information that organizations may consider confidential or sensitive from accidentally falling into the wrong hands. Once Word metadata is identified within a document, you can choose to remove the metadata, or to extract the metadata from all attachments. Alternatively you choose to edit the metadata in a particular document.

You can also choose to edit or remove Word metadata from web-based email, mail sent from a mobile device, or mail sent from a desktop to ensure confidential information stays private.