PDF Metadata

PDF metadata can often lurk hidden in PDF files. Find out how to edit, manage and remove the unwanted PDF metadata from your files below:

What is Pdf Metadata?

PDF metadata is information contained in a PDF document that’s not always visible to the person creating it, but can be found by the person who receives it next. Mark-ups, properties, attachments and bookmarks are all common examples of PDF metadata. Organizations consider this information highly sensitive and want to prevent employees from accidentally sharing it with the wrong people.

What is A Pdf Metadata Viewer?

A PDF metadata viewer provides a comprehensive breakdown of what metadata is hidden within PDF documents. A Metadata stripping tool can act as a PDF metadata viewer that identifies hidden information in PDFs to reduce the risk of inadvertently sharing sensitive information exposing an organization to potential risk.

How Can I View PDF Metadata?

Users can view metadata stored within PDF documents prior to emailing them using metadata stripping tools. When a PDF document is attached to an email, a notification will appear to make users aware that PDF metadata does exist in the attachment. A summary of the hidden PDF metadata in all the document attachments is displayed to the right of the email panel. A more detailed list of PDF metadata can be viewed for each individual document.

How Can I Remove Or Edit Metadata From A PDF?

Metadata can be removed from PDF documents using a Metadata stripping or scrubbing tool. Once metadata is identified within a PDF attachment, users can choose to remove metadata and extract the metadata from all the documents. The user can alternatively choose to edit the metadata in a particular PDF.

Users can edit or remove PDF metadata from web-based email, mail sent from a mobile device, or mail sent from a desktop to ensure confidential information stays private.