Remove Metadata from Word

What Is Word Metadata?

Word metadata is “invisible” information about one or more aspects of the Word document. Contained within a Word document, it is not always visible to the creator, but can be found easily by the person who receives the document next. Comments, Track Changes, previous authors, and versions are all examples of Word metadata. Organizations consider such information to be sensitive and are keen to prevent employees from accidentally sharing it with the wrong people.

Here are some examples of metadata that can be found in Word documents and the level of risk each poses:

Metadata Table

How Can I View Word Metadata?

You can view Word metadata stored within documents using a Metadata stripping tool. When you attach a Word document to an email, a notification will appear if Word metadata exists in the attachment. A metadata stripping tool will typically show a list of the hidden metadata in all the Word documents. For individual documents, a more detailed list of Word metadata can be viewed.

What About How To Remove Metadata From Word?

Metadata can be quickly removed from Word documents using a Metadata stripping tool. Once metadata is identified within a Word document, you can choose to remove metadata and extract it from all selected documents, or you might choose to edit the metadata in a particular document.

You can revise or remove Word metadata from web-based email, mail sent from a mobile device, or mail sent from a desktop to ensure confidential information stays private.