Compare Documents Online: A Guide

What Is Online Document Comparison?

Online document comparison is the process of identifying the differences between two versions of the same document using a web tool. Workshare offers online document comparison capabilities to make manual document comparison redundant, and increase the speed and efficiency of review cycles, making for a more productive workplace overall.

What Are Online Document Management Tools?

Online document management tools enable you to keep all your documents in one central space online, rather than being scattered across several shared drives, email chains and USB sticks. Thus, documents are generally more organized and accessible by those who need them. Workshare provides a secure online document management solution that enables documents to be stored, shared and compared online.

How Can I Compare Documents Online?

You can compare two documents online quickly and securely with Workshare. The Version History tab displays a list of the different document versions along with details of who added each version and when. You can then choose the two versions that you want to compare from this list. A comparison document is generated to show the differences between the selected versions. Any comments made on the comparison, can be saved and viewed from the Version History. Simple!