Compare Word Documents

The below provides a guide on comparing different versions of Word documents, regardless of where they are stored.

Why Should I Compare Two Word Documents?

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to compare two Word documents. Lawyers and legal professionals regularly share such documents as contracts with opposing counsel and since the documents may be binding on either side’s clients, comparing documents to spot differences is an essential and frequent task. If the lawyer does not spot a change made by opposing counsel, as a consequence this may negatively affect the lawyer’s client and lawyer could be liable for the damages.

Professionals in the Creative industry also regularly work with multiple versions of single documents for campaigns or press releases, so often have to compare documents to keep track of changes. They need to be able to see what changes have been made during editing and versioning of the documents and ensure they are integrated into latest versions.

What About Word Document Comparison Tools?

Word document comparison tools allow you to compare two Microsoft Word document versions and quickly identify the differences between them. Workshare Compare is the most accurate desktop Word document comparison tool on the market that allows you to navigate between the changes in your redline document. Integration with Outlook also allows attachments to be compared. You can compare Microsoft Word documents (DOC/DOCX files), RTF files and PDF files. Workshare also provides Word document comparison optimized for online and mobile devices so you can compare from anywhere!

Workshare preserves the technical integrity and style of the document – preventing your document from becoming corrupt or inadvertently incorporating foreign formatting or style. This not only benefits you through higher document quality, but also through increased productivity as well as reducing stress at deadlines.

How Can I Compare Word Documents?

Our desktop application Workshare Compare, enables you to select the original Word document, then the modified version and compare how they differ, regardless of whether the files are held in the local file system, or in the DMS/CRM.

Once Workshare Compare completes the comparison, the results are clearly displayed in a comparison (Redline) document. There are several options for how this document is displayed. For example, you may choose to show deleted text in red with a strikethrough. Moving between changes in the Redline document scrolls to the change and highlights it in both the Redline document and the original document.