Document Comparison

Whether it’s preparing documents for legal proceedings, creating content for a marketing campaign, or managing financial spreadsheets, checking for changes and inaccuracies is a necessary part of the process. Comparing two documents however can be painful, time-consuming and inaccurate particularly if done manually. In some business sectors, time pressure and zero tolerance for errors drives meticulousness, whereby the smallest change gone unnoticed can have a significant impact.

Some of the world's largest organizations rely on Workshare to accurately and seamlessly compare Word documents (DOC/DOCX files), RTF and PDF files. Comparing multiple versions of the longest, most intricate documents is painless, speeding up review cycles so more gets done, in less time.

Compare Documents Online

Have the freedom to compare the original document and modified version directly from either a desktop, web browser, or mobile app regardless of their format. A comparison (redline) document enables you to see all differences between them. Users have the flexibility to compare a document either against another single document or against multiple documents.

To make reviews easier, users can determine how the changes are highlighted within the document. Changes to text, auto-numbered paragraphs, font changes and complicated formatting, even embedded tables and graphic, can be seen at a glance.

Comparing Documents On The Go

Comparing files does not have to be restricted to the office. Mobile apps for all devices to enable files to be accessed, shared and compared everywhere and anywhere. With Workshare benefits of being in the office are retained, without having to be there.

Compare and Share

Once documents have been compared, the final versions can be shared with teams or external parties. Ensure everyone is kept up-to-date and stays on the same page for more effective collaboration.