Document Comparison Software Guide

What Is Document Comparison?

Document comparison is the process of identifying changes between two versions of the same document – the original document and a modified version. In the legal sector, document comparison is a part of the daily routine; a frequent and important task, where the smallest change gone unnoticed can have a significant impact.

What is Document Comparison Software

Document comparison software allows you to compare two document versions and quickly identify the differences between them. Document comparison tools enable you to accurately compare complex Microsoft Word documents (DOC/DOCX files), RTF files and PDF files. Projects can run more smoothly, review cycles are shortened so you can get more done in less time, and comparison becomes a generally much less stressful experience. Integration with email services, such as Outlook, also allows you to compare email attachments as you receive them.

Desktop document comparison tools produce a comparison document that displays all changes identified in one view, being able to navigate between the changes with ease. Some comparison tools provide a solution to enable document comparison online and on mobile devices so you can compare on the go!

The technical integrity and style of the document is preserved after comparisons – preventing your document from becoming corrupt or inadvertently incorporating foreign formatting or style. This ensures higher document quality and increased productivity, so everything runs smoothly.

How to Compare two Documents

You can compare two versions of a document accurately with document comparison software. You can specify the version against which you want to compare the current document within the tool, a DMS/CRM or locally. Once the comparison is complete, the results are clearly displayed in a new comparison document. You may have the ability to choose how this document is displayed. For example, you may choose to show deleted text in red with a strike through. Moving between alterations in the comparison document scrolls to the change and highlights it in both in the comparison document and the original document.