Combining feedback

Running a formal or informal review of documents is a key business process that frequently requires collaboration with colleagues and partners. The review involves input and feedback from others to check facts, identify mistakes, or contribute specialist knowledge.

For many organizations the process is inefficient, with scope for missing feedback which leads to inaccurate or poor-quality documents and delays.

Workshare solves this with a central online workspace designed to gather timely and accurate feedback, comments, and approval on business documents.

How do reviewers comment on a document?

Comments can be tagged to specific areas or words within a document to bring context to feedback so there’s no confusion about what the intended feedback is – and what part of the document it refers to.

How does the document owner receive comments?

Part of the process of document collaboration is communication between reviewers and document owners, whether they are in the office or working remotely. At this stage, real-time communication becomes particularly important as well as ensuring that all comments are tagged to the appropriate page. Because there can be many contributors, input needs to be organized chronologically as well as cleared or retained as appropriate. Document owners are notified of new comments either by email or as an onscreen alert in their Workshare Connect “homepage” and can get to the comment in place on the document in a single click.

Why is this better than email?

Workshare leverages users’ preference for email, but only to instigate document collaboration and to alert the document owner of new comments and feedback activity from reviewers. For providing and managing feedback, Workshare’s online collaboration space logs conversations and tags comments to provide a more efficient way to combine feedback from many reviewers.