Document Collaboration

Workshare provides a more productive way of collaborating on documents, which is significantly simpler and safer than email or basic file sharing alternatives.

Collaborating on documents with groups of people over email can be complicated and inefficient. Sharing business documents from personal cloud applications is unsecure, and an ineffective way for reviewers to get their ideas across. With both methods, keeping track of multiple revisions and updates so everyone’s working on the most up-to-date document is challenging.

Workshare solves document collaboration challenges by providing a secure, central online workspace to store, access, and collaborate on documents, making them available anywhere, anytime.

Selective, secure file sharing

Workshare’s secure online workspace makes it easier and faster for users to access and work on documents. Built on solid security foundations, document owners stay in control of their content – with user-set permissions to control downloading and uploading of new versions.

Collaborative authoring - managing changes

When multiple people download and edit documents, keeping up with their changes and consolidating feedback is hard to manage. Workshare notifies owners when new versions are uploaded, and enables conversations in context around a document with tagged comments. Version comparison works across all devices to make it easy to see what’s changed between versions.

Combining feedback from many reviewers

Working on documents with groups of people over email can be complex and inefficient. Workshare solves this problem with a central online workspace to gather timely and accurate feedback, commenting, and approval on business documents. Comments can be tagged to specific areas or words within a document to bring context to feedback.