Managing changes

Collaborative authoring means providing tools that support “turn-based” editing of a document by multiple parties.

Managing and implementing changes between versions – an integral part of collaborative authoring – requires revision and comparison at every stage. Workshare provides powerful comparison tools designed to make the process of revising and comparing documents as fast and efficient as possible. Utilizing DeltaView (a redline produced by the most advanced comparison engine in the market) enables teams to see and manage changes in complex documents quickly, and accurately.

How can document owners and reviewers see what’s new?

Workshare enables users to identify changes by comparing documents – the original document and the modified version – and produce a comparison (redline) document so they can instantly see what’s changed. Users can navigate around changes and view and filter particular types of change (formatting, replacements, numbering etc.) A document can be compared against another single document or against multiple document versions.

What kind of files can I compare?

Users can compare Word Documents of any format that can be opened in Microsoft Word including DOC, DOCX, RTF and PDF files. Changes with complex embedded Excel tables, index numbers, shapes, and objects can be automatically highlighted.
Users can also highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document, either standard text-based PDF files or image-based PDF files that originate from scanned documents.

How do I control changes from multiple authors?

However they receive the changes – by email, online or on their mobile device - document owners can be confident that all changes to a document are identified, ensuring complete accuracy as they move to the next version.

If reviewers make changes to documents and send them back to the document owner via email, they are able to compare email attachments directly from within Outlook.

If reviewers make changes to documents and share them with a group online, the document owner can download the new version to their desktop and use a Workshare comparison tool to accept or reject some, or all changes, and produce the next version.

Does collaborative authoring work on mobile devices?

Workshare comparison tools are available on the desktop as part of Workshare Professional, online as part of Workshare Connect, or on mobile devices as a function of the Workshare Connect for Mobile app.