Secure File Sharing

While sending an email attachment is quick and seemingly easy, it's by no means the most efficient method of sharing documents with reviewers.

Workshare provides a single, unifying, online workspace – called a group - for document sharing and collaboration. Document owners add members and documents to a group, and grant access and set permissions to make sure that the right people have access to the right files. Only those who are invited to a folder will know that it exists.

How Do I Control Access To Files?

Document owners stay in control of who can access their documents. They can set permissions to restrict what reviewers can do, with settings to allow members to download files, upload changes, or view and comment only.

As the group admin, document owners can invite others to the group, enable group members to invite others or remove members as required. The IT administrator maintains ultimate control over how documents are shared and can apply policy-based controls and limits on how the company’s data is shared and with whom.

What If I Want To Share To Receive Feedback?

As part of document collaboration, file sharing is normally intended as a starting point for some kind of review. So members of the group can add comments or editing instructions, take part in conversations and access previous versions of the document.

How Can I Share On Mobile Devices?

Assuming the document owner has granted permission, shared content can be accessed, and securely synced to mobile devices using the Workshare Connect for Mobile app, which itself can be shared with people inside or outside the company.