Secure File Transfer

Share large or sensitive files securely with ease. Avoid email file size restrictions and complicated FTP servers. Remove frustration and experience a simpler, easier way to send files.

No new tools

Send files securely without having to learn a new tool. Workshare becomes part of your email to make it as easy as possible to adopt and use. Advanced security operates behind the scenes and is applied prior to sharing to protect documents and remove sensitive information.

No new tools

Automating the right choice

No need for you to identify whether a file is too large or too sensitive – Workshare does it for you. Attached files are intelligently scanned and company security policies are applied based on the content or file size so that you have peace of mind that they are being shared in the most secure way possible.

No more email attachments

Share highly confidential or oversized files via a secure link to a central online workspace. Recipients can access easily and simply, and can quickly and safely approve, mark up and download files.