A serious case of Attachment Disorder

 The silent time-killer

Oliver is an Associate at a prestigious law firm in the UK. After years of studying at university and law school, followed by in-house training, he finally made the first steps towards becoming a Partner.

He loves his job - the research, the pressure, the intellectual stimulation. The long hours wear him down, revealed in his mother's comments, which usually go along the lines of: "You look exhausted darling! Are you eating enough? Are you getting enough sleep?"

Oliver doesn't love the long hours, but he knows they are a necessary evil – for now. He will do what it takes to make Partner. He has to be available, willing and able, otherwise he’s damn sure Fiona (who sits next to him) will snaffle up the next big deal that comes along.

On the whole, Oliver feels as though he's doing pretty well managing the stress that comes with his job. He's focused and intelligent enough to cope. He can see the deals he’s working on, the matter files coming in, handle the reminders, meetings and communications and he’s ready for action.

But, while Oliver seems to have everything under control, there is a silent time-killer in his firm. It’s a serious problem that threatens his productivity, his blood pressure and even his ability to sleep at night. Because of his position in the firm, the deals he supports and the administrative tasks required of him, Oliver’s condition is very advanced. 

He has Attachment Disorder.

He finds himself second guessing which draft of a file he’s working on and whether it’s the latest version. Another email lands and he panics when he sees the title has changed, did he attach the wrong document in his last email to the client? He’s got to share the fully executed version of an agreement for sign off, but where did he file it in his inbox which just keeps pinging?

Oliver is wasting his valuable time. He is scrabbling around and constantly on edge when a deal is closing. He compulsively checks his email to see if something’s changed in the latest attachment; if something new has come in; if someone has responded to his last file (even during Sunday lunch, which results in yet more comments from his mother). 

The cure

At Workshare, we know many Associates like Oliver, and even some Partners, who suffer from the same affliction. Oliver’s condition is known as Attachment Disorder and while it isn’t terminal, it’s pretty severe and robs professionals of their time and productivity.

Typical symptoms include the inability to concentrate on more important tasks, because of the flurry of documents flying into their inbox; a constant worry about failure to deliver the right version of a document to clients – let alone give a status update on-demand; a recurring need to confirm actions by checking their outbox; a need to hunt out the final attachment in an email chain to start the bible or closing binder; and, of course, increased hours spent in the office managing admin.

Sufferers of Attachment Disorder often have roles in high-pressure environments, where they deal with high volumes of sensitive data via email under extreme time constraints.


If you or any of your colleagues are showing the same worrying symptoms as Oliver, please get in contact before it gets any worse. Attachment Disorder can be simply and easily cured to the satisfaction of Associates (and their mothers) anywhere in the world.


You can find more information on Workshare’s patented cure for Attachment Disorder here>>


*Although this above account is a fictional case study designed to demonstrate the effects of Attachment Disorder, Workshare has conducted authentic research among legal professionals that reveals serious implications for the legal industry.