Ali Moinuddin, our CMO (Chief Marketing Officer, for anyone who doesn’t use the term on a daily basis like us), came into the office with some exciting news. AIIM has elected him to be the 2013 chair of their Executive Leadership Council (ELC) in Europe and to their Board of Directors in North America. We were all pretty excited because AIIM, aka the Association for Information and Image Management, is actually the leading non-profit industry association that helps organizations find, control, and optimize information. You can check out their website!

As chair of the ELC, Ali will ensure the council’s primary goals are carried forth. These are: articulating the impact of new technologies – including social, mobile and the cloud – on the workplace and defining specific use cases for technologies to transform organizations and the ways of working. He will also participate in developing white papers, solution guides, and other essential toolkits for broad distribution to the AIIM community. Ali’s been an AIIM member for two years and he’s already led a number of seminars and webinars with the organization on the topic of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Document Management Systems (DMS), and collaboration and information management. The ELC meets twice a year in North America and Europe.

In addition to Workshare, members of the council include representatives from Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Kodak, Oracle, SAP, Pitney Bowes, Canon and EMC. Ali’s appointment, effective January 1, 2013 for a two-year term, was previously held by a representative from Google!

Ali told us that he thinks it’s a great opportunity to learn from our peer group and contribute to the debate on how to best serve big data professionals in a fast-moving and dynamic environment, where BYOD, the consumerization of IT and the adoption of cloud-based services have changed the way in which traditional ECM and Document Management Systems are provisioned and managed.

Congratulations Ali!

You can read the full press release here.