Leaving the ALA Conference on a High

The aim of the ALA Conference 2017 was to “elevate your potential” – an appropriate theme for an event taking place in the mile-high city. Workshare attended the four-day event with our partners, Worldox (who we love, so thanks for having us).

Thinking about the theme of the event though – our connection to Worldox is totally elevating our potential. It’s creating a symbiotic relationship - they help us reach new audiences, offering our awesome file sharing and comparison products to their users, and we enable them to offer new opportunities to their customers.

There’s great strength in partnering with people who help you deliver more; sometimes you elevate your potential by joining forces with people who empower you to achieve something that perhaps you wouldn't deliver on your own.

Of course, the theme of the event is really designed for the 1,000+ attendees, who have taken part in idea exchanges that range from Human Resources to Intellectual Property. The expo hall then packed with suppliers to the industry – our crew at booth 509 among them.

The way we support the people who have attended the event to elevate their potential? Simple – allowing them to reclaim their time. The core of our proposition is that through automated document comparison, legal administrators save vast amounts of time and gain huge efficiency. You’re never going to be able to focus on clients, or on being the best law firm, or on beating the competition if you’re mired down in manual, laborious tasks.

The integration with Worldox takes it to another level. Using a document management system you know and love, you can take your documents mobile – working from the desktop or, well just about anywhere. You can’t elevate your potential if you’re not innovating; if you’re tethered to the office 9 to 5. You must try something new and different to achieve something more.

Anyway, as you may be able to tell, we've found the conference and expo energizing. Hopefully the people who attended have been inspired too. Our potential has been well and truly elevated and we’ll leave Denver on a high.