Legalweek: The future is now

That thing you do so well.

Every law firm has got a thing - the thing that’s at its core; the reason it was created. It's what makes the company tick and keeps it moving forward.

And, it’s super-important to hang on to that, right?

With all the competition, technology, change, and innovation, it’s easy to forget your raison d'etre and there can be many a long-serving employee who rolls their eyes when the firm they work for talks about all-things-new and forgets the importance of the thing they are known and loved for.

But, it doesn’t have to be a case of out with the old to bring in the new. More often than not, law firms need to think about evolution, not revolution when it comes to technology and innovation.

Evolution not revolution.

Our “thing” is file comparison (for which we are the market-leader, thank you very much).

Since the creation of DeltaView by Workshare’s founder, Barrie Hadfield, we’ve been developing software for legal professionals that shows the differences between two documents.

That may not sound very sexy when you say it out loud - it’s not a new lawyer robot that will power through your case files in record time and then make you a cup of coffee, but it is used by millions of actual legal professionals on many millions of matters each day. And that’s pretty cool.

Last year, we spent a long time talking about the future of file comparison.

  • What would legal professionals need from file comparison in the future?
  • How were lawyers even going to work in the future?
  • What changes would the evolution of the legal desktop bring to our stalwart comparison solution?

Well, the future is now and we're excited to be able to talk about it at this year's Legalweek in New York.

Be the change.

It’s tempting to think the legal industry is slow to embrace technology. This is a fallacy, as any attendee of Legalweek will tell you.

Nearly every major firm - and many minor ones - have an innovation panel now. They are investing in start-ups to acquire technology that their business and their client’s want (look at Fieldfisher and Seedlegals as an example). They are recruiting new legal project managers to deliver change programs successfully. And, they are moving into the cloud, getting mobile and becoming evermore agile.

The exciting thing for us as a vendor is that there are now so many people dedicated to removing barriers (as opposed to hiding behind them) in order to drive visionary change that will help them do their "thing" better, faster, more efficiently.

For example, we're working in partnership with NetDocuments, who are dedicated to the cloud and embedding our full comparison solution in their document management platform, all so that law firms don't have to be tied to the legal desktop.

In other instances, file security issues are being faced and resolved by legal IT professionals who are starting to dismantle the problems of data loss prevention and risk detection when their firm is sharing sensitive matter files.

CIO's and legal IT teams are open to talking and embracing change, which is then being more widely adopted by the firms they work for because they see the value this change will deliver to their own clients.

If we've learned one thing.

In all our years of operation, if we've learned one thing from working with the world’s leading law firms on file comparison (and security), it's that raising the bar is more important than shooting for the stars. We're all about incremental improvement and evolution.

What this means for the thing we do is always delivering the fastest and most accurate comparison of two documents possible. It also means evolving comparison for Excel files, so that is as good for every file type as it is for Word, PowerPoint or PDF. It means delivering Compare Everywhere by partnering with NetDocuments, iManage, Google, and HighQ to offer the best file comparison solution in the platforms legal professionals use each day.

The traditional legal desktop has been a bit of a beast to manage, so change and migration of so many different tools can be daunting. The truth of the matter is, you don’t have to do it all at once, after all, you’re busy doing your thing. What is important though is always improving your solution, your offering, what you do in order to keep moving forward.

PS – If you’re at Legalweek…

If this has peaked your interest, then we’re delighted. And, if you want to know more we’ll be at Legalweek 2018.

You can hear more on the lessons we’ve learned from the world’s leading law firms by making contact us.