February 4, LEGALTECH CONFERENCE, NEW YORK – According to recent research by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and Workshare, IT organizations are looking towards hybrid cloud deployment models to meet their growing market need for increased data security and control when provisioning online file sharing (OFS) and collaboration applications for enterprises.

“Although online file sharing and collaboration applications have provided a number of benefits for customers, they also report a number of ongoing challenges following adoption,” said Terri McClure, senior analyst at ESG. “Security is viewed as the biggest challenge among current OFS users and the most significant concern among potential users. There is a shift in demand, and users now want the ability to retain some data in-house. With recent issues surrounding internet surveillance, we can expect to see a greater demand for hybrid cloud deployments that let enterprises choose where their data is housed – on premises, in the cloud, on US soil, or in a specific country,” continued McClure.

Key findings:

  • 84 percent of current corporate OFS users subscribe to a public cloud model.
  • Of those organizations leveraging a public cloud model, almost all (97%) said they would be interested in a hybrid option that allows them to keep some or all data on premises.
  • 54 percent stated the driving factor for wanting to deploy a hybrid cloud model is flexibility and control over where their data is stored.
  • A further 41 percent revealed the ability to leverage existing infrastructure was crucial.

Workshare caters to the needs of enterprises in regulated and semi-regulated sectors that must maintain control and ownership of their data. With its hybrid option, Workshare provides customers the opportunity to choose a data center infrastructure that best suits their requirements, providing the option to hold data in a specific country, state, or jurisdiction across EMEA, North America, and APAC.

“The ESG report findings are testament to the need for both public and hybrid cloud deployment options that meet today’s market requirements,” said Anthony Foy, CEO at Workshare. “With Workshare’s hybrid cloud option, we’re providing semi- and highly regulated companies with a level of control over corporate data that simply can’t be matched. We are pleased to offer our customers the choice and flexibility they need to feel confident that their data is secure.”

To read ESG’s executive summary, click here. To learn more about Workshare’s hybrid cloud offering, visit the team at LegalTech from February 4-6 at the Hilton New York, booth # 334, or register for the upcoming webinar, here.