The UN announced that 2013 will be the International Year of Water Cooperation, focusing on the fulfillment of basic human needs, environmental preservation, socio-economic development, and poverty reduction, which are all deeply affected by water. Clean water is a vital key that unlocks a better quality of life for millions.

In the spirit of cooperation and collaboration, we at Workshare are proud to be supporting our own water project in collaboration with charity: water. We will donate $200 for each person who participates in a one-on-one observation and interview session, which anyone – whether or not they are using Workshare’s applications – can register for today. With just 50 interviews we can fund the building of a well bringing clean water to 250 people, saving thousands of hours in water collection.

We have had some great companies and people sign up already and there is space for more, but the deadline is fast approaching. Please take this opportunity to collaborate with us to bring clean water to those who need it most.

Read more and sign up today! Or contact

Watch charity: water’s short film here, and find out why our project means so much.