We've launched Workshare Professional 7.5!

With Workshare Professional 7.5 we are reaffirming our commitment to the legal community. The application improves the efficiency of comparing legal documents with tables and complex indexing. It’s enhanced performance reduces processing by ten times, improving attorney productivity.

Workshare Professional 7.5 supports legacy versions of Microsoft Office in addition to Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. Users can compare five different file types. The application ensures that the original layout of complex documents is always maintained, and eliminates the need to work with multiple versions.

We've streamlined Workshare Professional 7.5's Office add-ins to provide the features you value most. These include allowing enterprises IT administrators to set polices that intercept email attachments directly from Outlook and replace those attachments with a secure link, convert the documents to PDF and remove metadata. This allows attorneys to continue to work with legacy systems, maintaining their traditional workflows and audit trails.

This is the next generation of applications powered by patented DeltaView technology, which has been trusted by the legal community for over a decade. Experience it for yourself by downloading the Workshare Professional 7.5 trial for free