September 25, LONDON, UKWorkshare, a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications, today announced that law firm Stites & Harbison selected Workshare to secure large file transfers. The application provides a secure, efficient way for the firm to send large, highly confidential files to clients and removes the need for its lawyers to use unsecure, consumer-grade file sharing applications and email, which often restricts people to only being able to send small files. 

 Like many law firms, Stites & Harbison often transferred files over 400-500 MB in size to its clients and opposing counsel. Because many recipient email exchanges don’t accept these large file sizes, users received bounce backs that took time to address. To avoid the bounce backs, the firm used FTP sites, but those required excessive IT resource to provision and were not easy to use. With Workshare’s secure, managed file transfer feature, users can share large, confidential documents directly from Microsoft Outlook by directing them to a secure cloud environment by sending recipients a secure link. Users can choose to further secure sent files by removing metadata or converting the files to a PDF before sending them, within Outlook.

“We send large, highly confidential files on a daily basis but hadn’t found a way that was both easy for our lawyers to use while being completely secure,” said Scott Wilson, Network Operations Manager, Stites & Harbison. “However, now Workshare ensures that our shared documents remain confidential, and the ease-of-use makes it simple for our users. I particularly like the options available for using the application whether it’s from Outlook, via the Desktop App, or the Web Portal, with the user interface consistent and informative throughout. Workshare has also done an excellent job of addressing any issues or enhancement requests we’ve encountered through rapid release updates. I really like the road map for this product.” 

“The legal sector regularly requires very large files that contain highly-confidential data to be shared among multiple parties both inside and outside the corporate firewall,” said Anthony Foy, CEO Workshare. “In Workshare, Stites & Harbison found a solution that empowers its users to easily send large files, which means less time troubleshooting issues and more time collaborating with clients.”