3 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Trial

The most useful software trials are the ones that give you an accurate idea whether the solution can be tailored to your workflow. These tips will help you trial Workshare in a way that will show you whether it is right for your needs.

1. Set goals

Before you begin your evaluation, think about what you want to achieve. Clear goals will help you focus on the features you want to trial and save you time when you test them.

To define your goals, ask yourself these questions:

1. Which processes am I trying to improve? Knowing which processes you want to improve will tell you which Workshare features you should test. Workshare 9 is one solution, but there are six ways you might use it to improve your workday. You can use any combination that helps you with the processes you want to improve. If you’re not familiar with the product, take a look at page 3 of our trial guide to understand more.

Start by making a list your challenges and order them by importance. Next to each challenge, write down which Workshare feature you want to use to improve it. When you’re ready to test Workshare, start with the challenges that are most important to you.

2. Who needs to use Workshare? Once you’ve decided which processes you’re improving, you’ll know whether you’ll be using the product on your own, with a team inside your organization, or using it to work with a team outside your organization.

It’s free for anyone to trial Workshare, so ideally you want to test the features with the other people who’ll be using it. Make a list of who will be using Workshare and see if you can coordinate your schedules to test out real work scenarios.

3. Which everyday applications do I need to keep using? If you regularly use applications like Outlook, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel, or you use a DMS, you’ll want to be sure to run your tests in those environments.

Make a list of the applications and/or DMS that matter the most to your workday so you remember to test Workshare’s integration.

If you want a free demonstration of Workshare that’s tailored to your workday, email us at support@workshare.com.


2. Run tests that will help you meet your goals

Use your goals to decide which features you’ll test. Our short trial guide will show you the key tests, with steps you can follow and a checklist to help you evaluate whether the tests have worked successfully.

Test Workshare with scenarios that you really face in your workday – or scenarios that are as close to your workday as you can make them. If possible, try the tests with real documents you use. If you’re testing a feature that will be used with other people, see if you can get those people to help you perform the test.


If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Email us at support@workshare.com or chat to us by logging in to my.workshare.com and clicking the question mark at the bottom of the screen.