It's the new year, and with that comes the annual task of making new year's resolutions. We all tend to make them in our personal lives but how many make them in their professional lives? Here at Workshare we're looking to start 2014 with these top 10 resolutions:

  1. Start the year with a smile. It’s a new year and a fresh start so begin as you mean to go on with a positive outlook on the year.
  2. Exercise more. We all say it. Every year. But it's a proven fact that exercise is fantastic for work productivity, relieving stress and clearing your mind. Rather than emailing a colleague from across the room, stand up and walk over to them. A new craze at Workshare are wrist pedometers. If after one hour you have made no movement, the pedometer beeps – that means it’s time to stand up and stretch those legs!
  3. Reinvent the way you work. With laptops, smartphones and tablets part of everyday life, it’s now possible to be more productive when on the move or travelling which can mean a better work-life balance. Document collaboration solutions such as Workshare (come on, we had to mention it) can make this happen. Check out our Work Reinvented Video to learn more about collaboration on the go.
  4. Write to-do lists. When you arrive in the morning or when you finish the day - jot down what you have going on and any important deadlines on the horizon. Simply writing it down and reminding yourself is great for keeping on track.
  5. Recycle at work. Despite the technology age we live in, the printer is still used along with large quantities of paper. If your office has a recycling bin, use it. If it doesn't, propose it to your office manager. Or better still forget printing altogether – use a collaboration tool to store and mark up documents online.
  6. Participate in conversations. Documents at work are constantly being created, reviewed and shared - so getting involved in conversations and providing your input quickly is important to making your thoughts count. Rather than sending a lengthy email with changes two days late; document collaboration tools enable real-time feedback so your thoughts are current and can be implemented quickly.
  7. Bond with your team. Get to know and have fun with your team. Team collaboration is often easier and more productive when you enjoy the company of your colleagues.
  8. Get fresh air at lunch. We've all done the 'desk job lunch' but taking a 30 minute break and going for a quick walk can do wonders for work productivity.
  9. Eat healthy snacks & drink water. Thursdays at Workshare are known as ‘Graze days' (Graze deliver a selection of healthy snacks directly to your office and they are delicious!) Eating healthier energy inducing snacks, rather than more fatty ones, can cut out the sugar high (and lows) and restore energy. Sipping on water throughout the day also helps prevent snacking. Researchers have found that that those who drank water before conducting mental tasks had reaction times that were 14% faster than those who did not have drink. So drink up!
  10. Don't overdo the coffee. I, along with 80% of the Workshare team love a cup of coffee in the morning and when the machine isn’t working all hell breaks loose. If you’re drinking 3+ cups of coffee a day and feel stranded without your fix, it may be wise to look to 2014 as a time to cut it back. Over-consumption of caffeine can actually break your focus and can lead to poor sleep quality.

Find out how to collaborate and work more effectively using Workshare so you can get the work-life balance we’re all striving for.

Holly Mills