Turn back Email Time with Workshare Secure

We’ve all done it. Sent the wrong email to the right person. Or the right email to the wrong email address. Scrabbling at your keyboard as you Del., Esc., Alt., Delete, anything to bring back that sensitive data winging its way through the World Wide Web.

So much can hinge on an email; a deal, a relationship, a job, but as the world turns faster and everyone has less time to check and double check, mistakes can be made. As technology gets smarter, it allows us to get lazier. Who hasn’t fallen foul of autocorrect? Or when Outlook automatically fills in the rest of Jane’s email address, but you don’t mean that Jane.  

With Workshare Secure you can turn back the clock. Our system tracks the emails you send and builds a picture of what constitutes usual email activity in your company. All outbound emails are scanned and the data is collected and analyzed, giving an overview of the flow of information out of your company.

An administrator is appointed and they are alerted to any suspicious activity which they can then authorize, or contain. Rest assured that your data is protected with Workshare Secure.

When an email is sent, Workshare Secure uses patented DeltaView technology to check all its components, from the header (did you mean to send that to jane@competitor.com?) to the attachments.  Our technology is smart, but also supportive. It’s here to help, which is why you can use it whenever and wherever you need it.