Workshare announces the evolution of document comparison  with Compare Everywhere

London, (30 May 2017): Workshare, the high stakes document company, today announces the launch of Compare Everywhere. The unique and innovative document comparison software designed by Workshare for other providers and in-house developers to embed directly within their platforms.

Moving away from the traditional integration approach that puts a deployment burden on IT, Workshare Compare Everywhere can be embedded in document management systems or any browser-based system, operating within that user experience. This means those performing a comparison don’t need to flip between applications to compare two documents.

Workshare has written a JavaScript component called DeltaView.js that harnesses the best way to show changes between documents. Providers can use this to embed the full DeltaView experience. Alternatively, the powerful comparison engine can be tailored for a unique experience using REST APIs.

The solution includes functionality, such as version control, complete redlines, and edits shown by category.

Workshare CEO, Anthony Foy, said: 'The beauty of Compare Everywhere is users have lightning fast and dead accurate comparison directly within the platforms they use. Whether that’s email, a document management system, on a Mac or in a browser – Workshare Compare Everywhere enables true mobility.'

Compare Everywhere is intended to bring support for customers’ requirements to work across multiple platforms and mobile devices. This means DeltaView now works for Mac users and, with additional out of the box integrations in the pipeline, works inside Outlook and Office 365 environments.

'This evolution has been born out listening to our customers. We’re looking forward making further exciting announcements based on their feedback in the coming weeks' Anthony concluded.


About Workshare

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