Workshare Compare Server – Show the difference in your application

Show the difference in your application

Did you know, you can essentially build Workshare Compare into any application?

Well you can, using Workshare Compare Server.

Being as it’s the leading way to compare 2 documents, 2 versions of a document or any 2 pieces of content, you might not want to include it in your app if it’s for finding a local game of 5-aside football.

Assuming your solution offers a service related to document management, processing, reviews, contracts, coding etc., though, integrating the ability to compare content is a real value add for you and your users.

Plus, it’s super easy to do!

Integrating Workshare Compare Server

Workshare provides powerful APIs to developers that are intuitive to use. This makes it simple to embed file comparison and collaboration features into a back-office system, website or product. It’s also a pretty economical way to add value to your solution.

The capability isn’t Workshare branded. It looks and feels like part of your own solution. You can customize it and take credit for providing a fast, accurate way to see what’s changed between 2 files.

Comparing Word, PDF, PowerPoint, snippets of text or code, images or tables – basically any content – can be built into an application.

Picture the scenario

Say you offer a contract management platform; it helps with the contract management lifecycle. Clients are using your solution to understand when things are due for renewal or renegotiation, and when contracts are coming to term. Your clients want to see what’s different from last time they signed on the dotted line.


With Workshare Compare Server integrated in this platform, a comparison can be run with a few clicks and the client sees exactly what’s changed.

The contract management application is just one scenario. There are loads of use cases:

  • HR and Staffing
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Government and public bodies

Everyone that works on documents frequently will need to review 2 versions. Workshare Compare Server is the fastest and most accurate way to do it via your application.

Unique features

Changes can be shown by category, highlighting areas that have been edited or altered. People can zoom in on specific subjects or specific types of changes, separating contextual change from formatting changes.

Users can also save a “redline” or comparison report and share it with other people. This saves time during any review process. Everyone is able to cut to the chase and see exactly what’s new or different to progress things faster.

Oh, and did we mention it doesn’t matter what language the file or content is in? Workshare Compare Server doesn’t mind whether it’s in English or Mandarin – content is content, so it can be compared.

Cognitiv+ use Workshare Compare Server

Recently, Cognitiv+, leaders in the field of regulatory and legal analytics integrated Workshare Compare Server into their platform.

The capability automatically extracts clauses and displays them, so clients are notified of any changes.

Workshare’s comparison engine has been integrated in the Cognitiv+ review accelerator, which analyzes changes to non-disclosure agreements. When a client uploads a new contract, Cognitiv+ scans the document for clauses and compares them against previous versions from documents of the same type.

Cognitiv+ also runs a comparison against previously approved documents.

And, once the alterations have been reviewed and assessed, a document showing everything from a full report of changes to information on a specific paragraph is available to save and share.

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