February 5, 2015, London, UK and New York City, USWorkshare today announced that it has agreed with Microsoft to make Protect Server, a server-based metadata cleaning application, available on Microsoft Azure. As one of the first legal IT vendors to make this move, Workshare is leading the way to make Microsoft Azure’s productivity service legal-ready.

By running Protect Server on Azure, users will be able to protect sensitive data in email attachments across Exchange and Outlook mail services, and devices. For organizations looking for an efficient way to upgrade or expand Protect Server, deploying on Microsoft Azure allows them to achieve all of this seamlessly, and online. Microsoft manages the installation and maintenance of the infrastructure on which Protect Server runs, ensuring rapid and simple software deployments.

Ewan Dalton, global business strategist at Microsoft commented, “Clients using or considering an Office 365 subscription for providing email services, can do so with additional reassurance that their email attachments will stay protected. As Protect Server will be available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, customers can easily deploy it into their own Azure environment, and have full control over its operation. Users can expect the same granular level of security that they are accustomed to with Protect Server on premise, across all channels.”

“As our customers move their email infrastructure to Azure, Workshare Protect Server on Microsoft Azure makes it easier for them to move their data security and metadata cleaning options with it. It’s as easy as pointing Exchange to Protect Server in Azure, click, install, and run,” commented Anthony Foy, CEO at Workshare. “As a longstanding Microsoft partner, offering email protection on Azure was a natural step, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and supporting Microsoft users.”