Workshare news and views letter, Edition 13

Shoring up data defenses

October is cybersecurity awareness month. And, while we know external threats are very real (hacking and phishing etc. are all big concerns), Workshare is keen to drive the point that data security starts at home. Most data loss events are caused – often unwittingly – by people inside your firm.

This month’s newsletter is focused on helping you shore up data defenses on the home front.

  • How to remove metadata from Word or PDF files
  • Simplifying security for the legal CISO
  • Protecting PII shared over email
  • The role of risk detection in data protection

Plus, get the latest feedback from our fabulous Workshare customers and news of our partner event with NetDocuments.

How to remove metadata from Word or PDF files

When documents are shared via email, they leave the safety of your corporate network. You don’t want to accidentally expose confidential information that might be hidden in the metadata of your document. 

Thankfully, it’s fast and easy to protect files before they're shared.

We’ve created an illustrated tutorial to show you how to clean metadata from Word and PDF email attachments before they’re sent. But, you can clean any attachment of metadata using Workshare Secure

Simplifying security for the legal CISO

Legal CISOs are being asked to become more strategic, as the threats to data security grow and become more complex.

iManage and Workshare have partnered to create a solution that will simplify security for legal CISOs

  • Protect your firm against email-based risk
  • Secure matter files based on company policy
  • Detect when there are sharing risks

Visit our partner page for more information and resources - then get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Protecting PII shared over email

It’s not just European firms impacted by the introduction of the GDPR. Businesses worldwide now have to ensure personally identifiable information or PII of EU citizens is controlled and processed securely.

Workshare has been chosen by top Indian law firm, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co, to further bolster its existing security processes for safe distribution of matter files outside the firm. Particularly protecting sensitive client data shared via email. The firm's new Workshare Secure solution is supporting compliance with key aspects of the GDPR.

Read the Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co case study to find out more.

The role of risk detection in data protection

If a data breach occurs, it’s often mandatory to report it. This is certainly a requirement of the GDPR.

Even if it’s not a legal requirement to report a data breach, businesses often want to be proactive to prevent embarrassing and costly PR nightmares.

For firms to report a data breach they need to ensure they know one has taken place. This sounds obvious, but in truth it’s not always easy for businesses to tell where sensitive or personal data might be at any point, let alone how to protect it.

Get our white paper on the role of risk detection in data protection and contact the Workshare team for more information. 

Workshare customers, building success

Thank you to the lovely Workshare customers who gave us their feedback this month. We value everything you have to say as it helps us build better solutions.

Here's a selection of the highlights from last month

Workshare partners, elevating to a new level

Workshare is excited to once again sponsor the US ndElevate event with our partner, NetDocuments. The team will be in Utah from November 4th to talk all things cloud, including the latest in cloud security. 

If you’re going, we look forward to seeing you for training, networking, hot debate and more!

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