Global mergers and acquisitions were valued at US$890.6bn in Q1 2018 - the highest Q1 on record.

With this volume of deals closing each quarter, it's no wonder your transactional teams are busy! But, can they keep up with the amount of paperwork that goes along with this many deals? If they're trying, we expect it's taking its toll in terms of late nights.

According to the Monthly MA Insider, April 2018, published by Mergermarket, there were 3,774 deals globally in Q1 valued at an enormous US$890.6bn. For busy transactional teams that's a staggering number of agreements to prepare and circulate, a lots of deal checklists to set up and a huge number of closing binders to assemble.

Every minute spent on admin is time that can't be spent with the client negotiating on their deal or discussing their next project.

To change the status quo, transactional professionals need a radically new way to manage the deal closings process. A way that will ensure they can keep up with client demands and stay ahead of the competition. 

Enter Workshare Transact.

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