Combine the power of Workshare features with your OpenText Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Get everything you need to work at your best, directly within your ECM.

Compare two files from eDOCS
Workshare Compare

No need to reformat

Run a DeltaView file comparison from eDOCS with a simple right-click.

The redline opens in Workshare Compare, where you can navigate through any changes and save the comparison back to eDOCS.

And, it works both ways. You can also initiate the comparison by first opening the Workshare Compare desktop application and selecting your eDOCS files.

Both ways work equally well. Choose the one that’s best for you.

  • Complete reviews faster with market-leading comparison
  • Compare Word, PDF, PowerPoint and TXT files – with Excel coming soon
  • Files can be in any language. Workshare compares them all

Tips for installation

Once you have a Workshare Compare license, you can get the integration with OpenText eDOCS. You will just need to follow the steps in the Installation Wizard.

  • We’re always on-hand to help. You can contact the Workshare Team any time
  • You can check out the installation guide on our knowledge base here

Get started

If you're already an OpenText user, start using Workshare Compare today.

Not using OpenText yet? No, problem.

You can still start using Workshare Compare today and customize your set up later.