Pharma and Life sciences

As a pharmaceutical or life sciences business, you’re highly regulated. Right? You need rigorous security to protect personally identifiable information and sensitive data.

You need to remain compliant at all times. Workshare can help you with that and more.

Protect confidential information

Workshare Secure can protect you from data loss events when sharing confidential or personal information in email attachments.

Because of the highly regulated nature of the industry, there are strict rules when it comes to data privacy. Pharma and life sciences organizations can use Workshare to apply data security policies to ensure compliance.

Remove PII

Confidential and personally identifiable information (PII) are held in a file’s metadata. So, remove it before a file is sent to prevent a data breach. It’s possible for users to select which metadata is cleaned, or to automatically strip it from files.

Users can be put in control of metadata cleaning or it can be defined at a company level. Whichever method is chosen, the cleaning process is very fast and won’t hold up a workflow.

Prevent data loss

Organizations can mitigate data loss events by applying policies at a server level to block emails going to the wrong people or domains. It’s possible to prevent certain types of file being sent via email, converting them to PDF. Also, convert large files into secure links.

Pharma and life sciences organizations can monitor their mail flow to identify data breaches. For example, if a sharing pattern appears to be outside policy or posing a risk it can be flag for further investigation or action.

Workshare Secure

  • Automatically remove confidential metadata from files
  • Prevent personally identifiable information being shared over email
  • Convert files to PDFs or send as secure links
  • Block files going to inappropriate people or email domains
  • Apply security policies to meet requirements of regional or national regulation

Workshare Secur

Protect every file you share along and remain compliant. Talk to us about Workshare Secure and how your business can use it. Email us here

Review files quickly and accurately

At any stage of a lifecycle – such as a clinical trial – that involves reviewing and iterating files, choose Workshare Compare. It’s the market-leading solution for fast, accurate comparison.

We help you understand changes to content in a way that’s clear and simple, even in the most long and complex files.

When a comparison is run on 2 documents or 2 versions of the same document, changes are shown by category. You can then navigate between the “types” of change – for example text vs. formatting – to focus on areas that are most important.

You can be confident it will capture every move, edit or deletion, while still speeding up the process.

Key features

Selective Compare makes it possible to focus on reviewing one piece of content i.e. a snippet of text. This means you don’t have to review an entire document when you want to focus on one paragraph or a single clause.

Comparisons can be launched directly from Outlook; run from the desktop app; or completed online. Working in the field or on a mobile devise, is simple with Workshare Compare.

Speed and accuracy are always a focus. Comparison reports are created quickly, but without sacrificing quality.

Workshare Compare

  • Compare Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel files and more
  • Review long, complex documents with images and tables
  • Preserve all original formatting during a review
  • Use the application on your desktop or online
  • Integrate it with a document or content management system

Learn more about Workshare Compare.

Workshare Compare

Compare Server

Regularly working in a platform to manage or create documents? Embed Workshare Compare Server.

With Workshare Compare Server, streamline and automate document reviews in the platforms you use most often. It is flexible and can be customized to create a unique experience.

Lots of Pharma and life sciences organizations are already using it.

Find out more about comparing files using Workshare Compare Server.

Using Workshare Compare, TSG's Life Science and other highly regulated clients are reducing the time to review and approve policies and procedures by up to 50%

Ellen Ryan
Technology Services Group