Workshare Compare

There are some tools every legal professional needs and file comparison is one of them. Compare two documents in seconds, wherever you’re working or whatever platform you’re on – Outlook, DMS or Office 365. The best part is, your solution is powered by the world’s first and best comparison technology – DeltaView.

Workshare Compare features:
  • Automatic change notifications in Outlook. When files come back with changes, 1-click finds and loads the original and runs your comparison.
  • Category view – sort by materiality. Group changes by type to focus on what matters most and make reviewing those changes much faster.
  • Complex tables? No problem. Changes in Word or PDF tables are accurate and easy to understand, saving you time and frustration.
  • Lightning fast redlines. Up to 66 times faster comparison results (compared to our previous versions and the rest of the market).
Compare Server features:
  • Embedded in the systems you use. The same rich comparison features inside Outlook, iManage, NetDocuments, HighQ, Google G Suite, and more.
  • Java app, embedded in systems. Save time and avoid frustration with file comparison available wherever you need it.
  • Zero desktop deployment. Less congestion on the legal desktop for IT teams. Less flipping between apps for users.
  • We mean everywhere. Run comparisons from the desktop or a mobile device; whether you’re working in email, on an extranet, in a data room or a DMS, Mac or PC.

Workshare Secure

File security that won’t interrupt your workflow, wherever you’re working. Get peace of mind knowing no sensitive metadata is left in the documents you share, whether that’s via email or another platform. Monitor data to manage the risk of a data loss event and comply with outside counsel guidelines.

Metadata cleaning and file security features
  • Scan and clean documents as they’re shared. Our fastest ever metadata cleaning - between 10 and 20 x faster than previous versions, and up to 66 times faster than other products.
  • No interruption for users. No waiting. Fast cleaning. Remain compliant with company security policies, without it getting in the way of your workflow. All sharing channels. We’ve got this.
  • No matter when, where and how you share files - email, DMS, online file sharing... desktop, phone or tablet.
  • Large files? No problem. Replace files that are too large for Outlook with a secure link, get an audit of activity and apply restrictions to prevent unauthorized sharing.

Risk Analytics features
  • Analyze your entire firm’s email flow. Identify breaches of outside counsel policies or firm-specific guidelines in files being shared or uploaded, from the desktop or a mobile device.
  • Check recipients. Enforce restrictions. Invisible to users, policies check that only the right people are being sent the right matters.
  • Define and prove policy. Respect ethical walls. Use intelligence provided by Risk Analytics to check against potential data loss events.
  • Lead your security drive with the leaders. Developed in conjunction with an advisory group of industry leaders and built on Workshare’s world-class metadata cleaning technology.

Workshare Transact

Join global law firms in making transaction management smarter, more efficient and better for clients as they benefit from the following features.

Transact sits within Workshare’s enterprise file-sharing platform, which provides full-featured file transfer, sharing and extranet tools for legal teams, with extensive security and global data residency.

Transact features
  • Take your checklists online. Securely. Organize and share documents with a deal team in a secure, tailored, online workspace.
  • Checklist creation to binder assembly. Automated features create an online checklist, then gather signature pages and assemble the closing binder, fast.
  • Embedded document comparison. Everyone’s always on the same page and can immediately see changes as a deal progresses.
  • Status summaries for participants. Improve and modernize the deal experience by keeping everyone updated with the status of every item in the checklist.
Platform features
  • Secure data hosting that’s far more secure than your inbox, and with built-in audit logs you get more insight for compliance.
  • Workshare’s robust cloud infrastructure allows individual accounts to select multiple file storage locations, enabling global firms to store data locally to each office, whether securely in the cloud or on-premise.
  • Workshare Transact sits within our Enterprise File Sync and Share solution containing rich features, such as versioning, inline commenting and (of course) Workshare comparison.
  • Extensive data permissions and control. IT and risk teams maintain absolute control of who can access and share deal documents.