Workshare 9 Everything you got with Workshare Compare and more

Workshare 9 has all the same great features of Workshare Compare and more, to make reviewing and comparing documents the fastest, simplest experience yet.

All the latest features and integrations are included in Workshare 9 to give you:

  • Automatic notification of document changes directly to your Outlook account
  • Capability to compare documents online
  • Document comparisons on your mobile
  • Faster sharing of changes and new document versions

Workshare 9 gives you a better user experience and can reduce document review cycles by up to 70%. If you want the smart, fast, simple way to compare documents – Get Workshare 9

Comparing documents with Workshare 9

With Workshare 9, you get a fast and efficient way to compare different versions of a document, so you can get to the final draft quicker.

Any document that needs to be reviewed and approved by multiple parties will go through a number of revisions. It is a process that can be disorganized, and often presents problems with misinformation and inaccuracy.

That is why Workshare created a simpler way for you to work on documents and compare what’s changed. Efficiency, accuracy and speed are at the forefront. Removing the chaos of managing multiple versions, Workshare 9 provides the smartest way to review and compare files.

Comment and compare anywhere
Instantly see changes

Workshare is usable across multiple platforms, including direct messaging systems on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, giving you maximum flexibility.

You control the workflow for drafting documents, whether that’s adding a comment, making a change or approving amendments. Changes in your files are instantly flagged in Outlook™, so you get clear information on what has been altered and what needs to be done next, which gets you to final approval faster.

A key feature of Workshare allows you to save offline versions onto your device, while crucially keeping them in sync as they are edited. So, even if you have no WiFi or 3G connection, you will be able to view the most up-to-date version of the file when you like. And, no matter where you are, you will have all the tools you need to control your draft documents.

Workshare offers advanced technology, designed to be easy to use. It’s compatible with all popular direct messaging systems, including SharePoint, OpenText and iManage, to allow mobile working, comparing and sharing.

All this adds up to a method of getting to the next version of your document quickly, accurately and without risk.

Get to the next version faster

Workshare Compare is still available
to buy but why would you?

Workshare 9 offers smarter, more productive ways to access, compare and share documents.

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