Compare PowerPoint Files

Comparing 2 PowerPoint files is easy and accurate with Workshare Compare.

Compare and contrast 2 versions of a presentation and see where any changes have occurred. View a summary of changes, including images, text, moves, adds and deletions.

Edits can be extremely subtle, but nothing will be missed, no matter how small or in what form.

You are in complete control of what changes in your slide deck.


Spot differences instantly

With the click of a button, you can see exactly which slides have been altered in your PowerPoint. Icons show whether a slide has undergone a change and exactly what that change is. This means you can focus attention on the areas that are different and save time when redrafting.

Spot any differences instantly

Summary of all changes

Every change in your file is displayed in a simple list, highlighted on the slide. You don’t need to search through a document to analyze what’s new. Every positional, text, color and image move or change is captured and displayed for you.

Get a summary of changes

Accurate reviews

Get the insight you need to complete a review confidently and efficiently. Select a view that works best for you, for example, search for specific changes or get an overview of everything that’s different.

Whether you’re trying create the final version of a presentation or you’ve been asked to review and contribute to one, complete your review quickly and accurately.

Clear and simple navigation

Mastering Change in PowerPoint

Compare for PowerPoint is part of Workshare’s market-leading document comparison technology. Hear from Workshare’s Director of Product Management, Ryan Soosayraj.