Workshare Professional 10.2, Revision 1

Release Date: 16 August 2019

Whats new?

  • First-use on-boarding in Compare for Excel to help you discover the features in a spreadsheet redline.
  • As always, we're committed to giving you the best experience possible so we have made comparison improvements in Compare for Excel.
  • We always support the latest DMS versions in Workshare Professional.

Classic Features

  • Fast, accurate comparison for Word/Word, PDF/PDF, Word/PDF, PowerPoint/PowerPoint. And with Selective Compare, you can copy content from anywhere, like a document or an email, and run a comparison.
  • Remove sensitive metadata from your documents before they're shared, from wherever you're working (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint or Excel). You can also select multiple files or folders on your computer and remove metadata from them all at the same time.
  • We've built an integration so users can launch Workshare Compare from within Kofax Power PDF. Users can also compare and clean PDF files created in Power PDF.
  • Use Workshare's secure online file sharing and collaboration platform to work on your files, wherever you are.
  • Enjoy fully supported iManage Work 10 environments, including on premise, private cloud and elastic cloud. On any device!

Get it now

Workshare Professional 10.2, Revision 1 is available as a full install, which you can get by clicking the Download for Windows button in the Download Center.


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