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Workshare Transact

We understand the mass of work and the number of hours involved in delivering a perfect deal closing for your clients. So get a simple, effective way to control every document for every deal with Workshare Transact. You can minimize the time you spend on admin, searching your inbox for attachments, and maximize the time you spend on high-value activities.

Secure, controlled checklists

Documents are anchored to an online deal checklist and controlled from there. Participants can be securely invited to a deal, making management and organization more efficient and more secure than email exchange. IT and risk teams maintain absolute control of who can access and share deal documents, while transactional teams execute a perfect deal closing.

No need to reformat

Faster reviews & updates

Using Workshare Transact, you can simplify review cycles with built-in file comparison; and deliver fully executed versions ready for a closing binder. We also know how important it is to communicate and report on status, so a simple traffic light system gives those invited into a deal an instant status update.

No need to reformat

The technology allows us to spend less time on the administrative management of the closing process, and more time on the real value we can add to transaction work.

Mark Waghorn
Simmons & Simmons

Data residency options

If you have data residency requirements, we can offer flexibility over where the files you need to share and work on are stored. Offices in London, New York and Sydney? No problem. We have a secure, Workshare-approved geographic storage location for you. If you prefer though, you can keep all your files, and the data in them, in your own on-premise storage locations.

No need to reformat

Built on a secure online platform

Transact was developed by lawyers for lawyers, and operates from Workshare’s robust, secure, online file sharing and collaboration platform. Use Workshare Transact to manage deals more efficiently and securely than traditional email methods.

All Workshare’s online services are underpinned by a secure cloud foundation that features encrypted storage and sharing technologies specifically designed for regulated industries like legal. There’s also a hybrid option that connects your own data store – either on-premise or in your cloud – with Workshare’s valuable review, transaction management and secure sharing features.

Platform features

  • Extensive data permissions and control.

    IT and risk teams maintain absolute control of who can access and share deal documents.

  • Full-featured secure EFSS built for legal.

    All the online sharing, secure file transfer and compliance features lawyers need - secure enough to satisfy your firm and your clients.

  • Audit logs and security baked in.

    Secure data hosting that’s far more secure than your inbox, with much more insight for compliance.

  • Store data in specific geographic locations.

    Workshare’s robust cloud infrastructure allows selection of specific locations to store your firm’s files securely in the cloud.

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Watch this product overview video to find out more about Workshare Transact, the secure, online transactional management application that enables lawyers and their teams to work more efficiently together.