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A better way to run your transactions

We understand the amount of work and the number of hours involved in delivering a perfect deal closing for your clients. So, get a simple, effective way to control every document for every deal with Workshare Transact. You can minimize the time spent on document admin and searching your inbox for attachments, and maximize the time you spend on high-value activities.

Secure, controlled checklists

Transaction files are anchored to the online deal checklist and controlled from there. Participants are securely invited to the deal workspace, making overall management and organization of your closing more efficient.

IT and risk teams maintain absolute control over who can access and share deal documents, while transactional teams execute a perfect deal closing.

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Faster reviews & updates

Using Workshare Transact, you can simplify and speed up review cycles with Workshare’s powerful file comparison functionality built-in.

We also know how important it is to keep on top of status and communicate this to others, so status labels, checklist filters and reports give the overview and the detail you need.

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The technology allows us to spend less time on the administrative management of the closing process, and more time on the real value we can add to transaction work.

Mark Waghorn
Simmons & Simmons

Data residency options

If you have data residency requirements, we can offer flexibility over where files are stored. Offices in London, New York and Sydney? No problem. We can set up a secure, local data storage for each, whether on-premise or with Workshare's approved cloud supplier.

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Built on a secure online platform

Transact sits within Workshare's secure, online file sharing and collaboration platform, which operates to the highest security standards. We hold an ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Our online applications are underpinned by a secure cloud foundation that features encrypted storage and single sign-on specifically designed to meet the requirements of regulated industries, such as legal.

Platform features

  • Secure file sharing & collaboration

    The Workshare platform includes secure cloud-based file sharing and collaboration functionality, in addition to the Transact module.

  • Audit & activity logs

    Every activity and engagement on the platform and each Transact project is tracked and reported across both firm and guest users.

  • Flexible storage options

    Files are stored in your choice of AWS file storage locations worldwide (and in multiple locations, if required) and Workshare's proprietary on-premise solution is also available.

  • DMS integration

    Workshare securely integrates with all major law firm document management systems, so files can be uploaded and downloaded between Workshare and your DMS easily.

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