How legal teams are using Transact

Conditions Precedent (CP) Process

The CP process on banking transactions can generate thousands of files on just one matter.

Workshare Transact provides a more organized environment for the exchange and review of CP files when compared with traditional data rooms.

CP files are organized intuitively, while an instant status update of the entire matter is always accessible.

Lenders and borrower are presented with a far better transaction experience and post-closing activity is reduced to a minimum.

No need to reformat

Closings & Closing Binders

Workshare Transact provides a complete end-to-end solution that delivers bibles or closing binders with complete efficiency and enables teams to move on to their next transaction without delay.

As deal close approaches, legal teams can create deal checklists within Transact for internal use only, which will help them track incoming files and close out the whole transaction faster.

The result is an ordered closing and a faster, simpler process to finalize the bible or closing binder, with consistent results every time.

Closings & Closing Binder

Full Deal

Workshare Transact can host deals from start to finish.

With participants from all sides of the deal invited into the workspace, the online checklist hosts the exchange of all files related to a transaction, from first draft to final signature page.

Reliance on email is vastly reduced and the result is a smoother, more transparent and efficient experience for you and everyone else involved.

Full Deal

“Not only does Workshare enable the whole transaction to be more efficient, but on the day of closing, being able to collate all the relevant closing files in such a simple way, and then wrapping up the closing binder on the same day, is very satisfying.”

Skylar Marshall, Associate, Campbell Killin Brittan & Ray

Features and Benefits


  • Structured workspaces based on the documents checklist for the deal
  • End-to-end functionality for the full deal lifecycle
  • Versioning for negotiated agreements
  • Workshare comparison and metadata removal built-in
  • Signature page collection for tracking closings
  • Drag-and-drop assembly of final versions
  • Document access restrictions
  • Integration with all major Document Management Systems (DMS)
  • 24/7 support


  • A better deal experience for transactional lawyers
  • A transparent, concise experience for clients
  • 75% time saving on the post-closing process
  • Write-offs significantly reduced
  • Efficiency savings across the deal lifecycle
  • Large reduction in email traffic when used externally
  • Consistent closing binder output across the organization
  • Closing binders delivered within 48hrs of deal close every time

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