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To deliver efficiency in managing changes to documents that guarantee a high standard of client service


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Quick PDF creation Remove sensitive metadata Accurate comparison Accept / reject changes Prevent corruption


Ashurst is a leading international law firm advising corporate and financial institutions with core businesses in M&A, corporate, and structured finance. Their strong and growing presence in Europe and elsewhere is built on extensive experience in working with clients on the complex international legal and regulatory issues relating to cross-border transactions. With a team of over 160 partners and
1,800 employees in 10 countries, advice of the highest quality is provided to organizations around the world. Ashurst is ranked as the 9th largest law firm in the UK.

User Profile

Ashurst required a solution for 1500 employees distributed worldwide.

The Challenge

When Ashurst conducted a review of its processes and solutions around document production, some significant challenges materialized that were impacting the business. Analysis of working patterns identified areas that would compromise the integrity of legal documents, such as version management, document corruption, and metadata risk.

“Some law firms struggle with processes around efficiency, leaving it to individual lawyers to sort out. As a firm we are investing lots of time in key processes to make our business more efficient,” noted Chris White, IT director at Ashurst.

Ashurst can be actively working on over a thousand 200-page complex documents each week and over four million documents in the DMS. With this level of business-critical information being shared and amended by parties internal and external to the firm, issues such as document corruption and the management of changes have a direct impact on the productivity levels of the firm.

With the entire corporate desktop being upgraded, Workshare was selected as the solution to drive improvements in these processes.

The Workshare Solution

Workshare software manages changes within documents through the entire lifecycle. It automatically strips document metadata and maintains the overall integrity of the document. It automates the process around document management, integrating with email to ease "attachment pain" and creating PDF files of all documents. It also integrates with many major industry IT solutions.

In Ashurst’s case, successful integration with a DMS solution, email, and knowledge management systems was paramount. Because Ashurst was already a user of Workshare DeltaView, it decided to move to the complete Workshare solution. It delivered a number of important benefits, turning a trusted and familiar comparison engine into a strategic tool to manage the integrity of important documents.

Workshare software is being introduced onto the desktops of Ashurst’s 1,500 employees worldwide. Almost everyone within the law firm uses documents in some way, and Ashurst felt it was important for everyone to have the benefit of the features in the product. For partners, document specialists, and assistants, there was a need for a consistent experience in the document production process.

Rolling out the whole new desktop solution to all the international offices was accomplished in a matter of months.

Ashurst also made a major investment in developing new document templates and macros to improving the quality in its store of high-value documents and precedents. Workshare provided a way of protecting this investment by preventing document corruption and duplication to improve storage redundancy.

The Benefits

From a business perspective, the most important lesson has been the clear benefit that the right document strategy can deliver for end users and client service. There is also the assurance that the business has a watertight process to maintain document integrity through metadata removal, author trails, and automated PDF creation

As employees at Ashurst become more familiar with Workshare software, the benefits are very clear. The nature of international law means that legal teams are often in more remote places, and they need to be confident that the systems will still support them in their work. Ashurst and Workshare are collaborating to make sure that they have the best possible solutions for an increasingly mobile team.