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Business Profile

The Challenge

Reducing the time spent turning around contracts, working on clients matters and sending documents.

The Solution

Workshare file comparison

The Benefit

Workshare has helped berg streamline their document review process and enable faster collaboration on documents with clients.

Delivering client relationships beyond compare

Imaginative law firm, berg, are driving smart technology onto their desktops to deliver better productivity, documentation collaboration and client relationships.

With a determination to be an imaginative law firm, Manchester-based firm, berg, has spent the last 12 months implementing a number of changes across their IT systems to help staff be more imaginative and innovative in the way they deliver law, while continuing to provide a fantastic client experience.

berg IT Director, Craig Taylor, saw the initial need for a comparison and collaboration system  

“We could see that staff were spending large amounts of time working to understand what had changed with documents during negations and we knew there must be a faster way the documents could be processed”. 

After trailing Workshare Craig decided to pilot it with the firm’s property team and very soon the system was getting itself known amongst the firm.

“Colleagues who weren’t involved in the pilot kept asking me why I was getting through my work so quickly. It has completely sped up the document comparison part of my job.” said Sholeh Alemi, trainee solicitor.

Sholeh also commented on how Workshare was helping her build stronger client relationships: “Being able to compare two versions of a document and work through the changes with the client on the phone is really useful, it can really speed up a transaction. Our client relations mean everything so being able to provide this level of service and at this speed is really important.”

With the rollout of Workshare almost complete, berg are now onboarding clients into their own secure client spaces via Workshare’s sharing platform.

“The security and speed at which we can help deliver law to our clients is of the utmost importance for us. We are always looking for ways to improve this and using Workshare to deliver documents in a secure space is the next step in the process.” said Craig about the next phase of the roll-out.

Staff and clients have found the new system has helped reduce admin and speed up transactions.

“Both clients and staff have taken to using Workshare and have found it very simple to use.” said Craig.

With staff adopting the system Craig is focusing on how Workshare could benefit other areas of the business over the next few months. “We want to get the most value from our licenses, and we have already seen the benefit of the system and want to see if there are any other processes where we could save time by using Workshare.”

berg is an fantastic example of the new wave of law firms working with staff and clients to be more imaginative whilst providing a secure, fast service.

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