Case Studies

Comfort Care

Business Profile




To offer a secure way to share and synchronize files across geographically dispersed teams.




Improved employee and client relationships as well as productivity gains. Access rights that can be tailored on a document level to prevent loss of control of confidential information; Workshare can be accessed on any device.


Comfort Care Services is a leading provider of high-quality supported housing and rehabilitation services for vulnerable adults with enduring mental illness, learning disabilities, and other complex needs. It delivers high-quality residential settings within easy reach of local amenities and public transport as well as access to education and employment opportunities. It aims to achieve positive long-term outcomes for its service users by working in line with the personalization agenda and in partnership with commissioners, social services, health care professionals, family members, and other agencies.

User Profile

Comfort Care Services (CCS) is distributed over 42 sites across the UK and works with over 19 local and regional authorities in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London, and Surrey to deliver care in community services that exceeds the regulatory standards set by government policy.

The Challenge

CSS frequently creates commercial documents. The teams were sharing documents using email attachments and consumer-based file sharing services. In addition to being inefficient, limiting, and hard to track, they were also concerned about security.

Additionally, many CCS employees work from company-supplied laptops and personally owned iOS and Android devices. Teams could not be sure they were collaborating on the most current document version, and company policy was not being enforced.

CCS needed to provide its distributed teams with an easy way to securely access files and an efficient way to collaborate on documents.

The Workshare Solution

CSS now uses Workshare, Workshare’s mobile apps, and Workshare's Desktop Sync. CCS employees now access Workshare’s secure online environment to view and make tagged comments on documents, even if they do not have the document’s native application installed on their computer. Collaborators compare two documents with a single click and roll back to previous versions at any time. Presence indicators and real-time alerts keep everyone up-to-date.

User-defined permissions and managed access ensure no confidential information is inadvertently shared, and company policy is enforced. Workshare Mobile Apps allow users on iOS and Android to take full advantage of Workshare’s collaborative features on the move. This includes tamper-proofing security in case the device is lost or stolen.

Workshare Desktop Sync integrates with both Windows and Mac operating systems and, as with Workshare’s other applications, gives users real-time insight into all updates and comments and allows them to work online or offline without losing changes.

The Benefits

CCS’s adoption of Workshare has brought geographically distant teams into the collaborative ecosystem, increasing productivity and helping different teams work together more effectively. The easy-to-use features have reduced the amount of time taken to turn around documents by 50%. Time that would otherwise be spent on searching for information is saved as documents are stored in one location. These, along with sync and security features allowed CCS to enforce policy online and offline, helping to bring an in-depth collaborative experience to CCS.