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Business Profile




To offer a secure way to share and synchronize information across geographically dispersed teams.




Fully supports a BYOD initiative. Improved member and client relationships as well as productivity gains.

Company is your trusted legal network. Each of their solicitors adheres to the highest quality of customer service and client care.’s solicitors have been carefully selected for their expertise and knowledge. Preparing a will, buying a property, or setting up a new business can all be stressful events. strives to provide its clients with confidence that their legal team will make any legal process easier.

User Profile is a legal brand with a network of qualified solicitors across England and Wales providing expert legal advice. Each member firm is rigorously selected and reviewed.

The Challenge enables its membership of small law firms to survive in the newly liberalized and competitive market by providing a way for them to work together. and its member firms already collaborated on a variety of issues and met periodically to discuss strategy; however, the organization was searching for a way to take this successful yet sporadic collaboration to a new level.

The legal brand wanted to enable a more efficient way for its members to connect to other solicitors across the country. With a strong community,’s members could drive member network referrals, share knowledge, and seek answers.

The Workshare Solution

It selected Workshare to continue to build a nation-wide community of lawyers that receives qualified referrals, shares expertise, and stays up-to-date with events and pertinent content.

Workshare is also being used by to deliver continuing professional development training to its members. Workshare allows HighStreetLawyer. com’s members to locate and connect to subject-matter experts without compromising security. Workshare’s permission-based groups ensure content and conversations are managed and relevant to the user.

The Benefits

Workshare allowed to provide its member network with the support they needed to stay competitive, compliant, and in control, and for the member firms to grow their businesses.

The member network has found Workshare simple to use and allows them to build personal relationships over a wide range of disciplines and regions with like-minded lawyers.