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Business Profile

The Challenge

For the benefit of everyone working on the project, JAP needed a way to organize and control a lot of files generated during complex legal deals. 

The Solution

Workshare 9, Transact

The Benefit

Workshare Transact enabled JAP law to efficiently control the whole transaction cycle, reducing email traffic and time spent closing out deals. 

The firm is a longstanding user of Workshare’s document comparison functionality. Founder, José Antonio Pérez Breva, had experience of introducing Workshare in his previous role in the public sector as Head of Legal at Hospital Clinic, the most renowned hospital in Southern Europe.

While working on large complex legal deals at JAP Law, José realized there was a better way to manage the huge number of documents being sent via email by both his internal team and his clients.

JAP needed a way to organise and manage the large number of files generated during complex legal deals, for the benefit of everyone working on the project.

To assist with this problem, JAP began to use Workshare 9’s secure document sharing platform, to share deal file between internal teams and their clients. Using this platform, JAP’s legal team were able to review documents and comments from clients anywhere and send instructions back to office-based teams to progress the next drafts.

This improved the process for JAP, but the firm still struggled to manage the flow of deal documents between the parties involved in their large global transactions. JAP reached out to Workshare to see how we could help, and with a couple of clicks Workshare Transact functionality was added to the firm’s Workshare account.

By creating a deal in Transact, and inviting all the deal participants to join, JAP Law has been able to centrally store and effectively organize all transaction files for the benefit of all the parties involved.

As a deal progresses, draft versions, comparisons, execution versions and signature pages are all arranged in the relevant place within the checklist. When the deal is closed, the final deal bible or closing binder is prepared quickly and easily.

"Managing documents, instruction and amendments with parties all over the world via email was becoming a nightmare. Workshare 9 has saved us two hours a day in administration time. It has also saved cost and meant we haven’t needed to add additional headcount to oversee the administrative process of deals.”

Running deals in this way enables JAP to manage the process of gathering multiple documents versions and signatures from parties across the globe, in a single secure platform accessible anywhere.

JAP considers that the successful implementation of Workshare’s Checklist and Closing Binders functionality has given the firm an unparalleled competitive advantage, and the firm plan to increase the number of deals run through Workshare.

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