Video - Arntzen de Besche | The Collective Benefit of Online Transaction Management

Hear why Norwegian business law firm, Arntzen de Besche, chose Workshare Transact to manage their transactions online - and why their clients are happy they did.


Atle: If we can get our counterparts and everyone involved in a transaction to use this, then it will really make the whole work much more efficient.

Julianne: We are using a lot of time, especially on the CP collection and the bible of documents. When we heard about Transact and saw that there was an opportunity to do this much easier and more efficient, we wanted to try it.

Atle: We tested Workshare Transact and it was really intuitive.

Martin: Our clients will be able to follow a deal real time. They can login to the checklist and get live updates.

Julianne: All parties can see which documents are uploaded. We don’t have to send them e-mails with drafts all the time. It's much easier when we have Transact.

Atle: Our experience in the past was that once the deal was closed, we still had to do a lot of work organizing the CPs and getting them in order and producing the bible of documents.

Martin: It is harder to charge clients for the hideous work it was to create the bible after the deal closing. It could take up two weeks just to get everything sorted and numerized.

Atle: Now, you know we can actually do it in the seconds after the deal is closed. The recipients have been quite surprised about the speed in getting the Bible distributed.

It’s already a benefit for us, but it will be tremendously good if it can be used actively by the ones we are working with on a transaction.

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