Video - Workshare & Beveric Oy | Partnering for a better client experience

Here's why Finnish consulting firm, Beveric Oy, is partnering with Workshare to develop their client offering to make it the best in Northern Europe.


Well, Beveric is a consulting company in Finland. For over a decade now, we have been working with legal firms. When our first client got the leading DMS system, we realized that our clients needed more services than just the DMS.

We were thinking, how we could widen our offering to our clients. When we first got in partnership with Workshare, it was quite easy and painless. I think as partners we get quite a lot of support, Workshare has been very flexible. We met and talked with many people especially when organizing the demos.

Because we have been in business with law firms, we have long term relationships with some of them. We'd go in there and help them develop their environment.

Everything is developing and available now much faster. We get a lot of stuff about new features and we just have to get back some time to soak it all in!