Video - Workshare Secure | Protect sensitive matter files shared over email

Clients and regulators expect law firms to prevent sensitive data and matter files from being emailed to the wrong people or to inappropriate domains.

That sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

Well actually, it raises difficulties for law firms given that nearly every document they handle is sensitive. Plus, the definition of what is sensitive changes depending on what's contained in a document and which matter it belongs to.

This is a challenge that stops most data loss prevention solutions working for across the legal enterprise - raising too many false flags and wasting valuable time of risk and compliance teams.

Not addressing this problem, however, could result in a firm losing large and prestigious clients, not to mention failing client audits and fines for inappropriate sharing of sensitive client information.

So, what's the answer?

Workshare secure.

Designed specifically for the legal enterprise.

Workshare Secure | Change Matters