Online Checklists & Closing Binders

Deal closings are more organized and efficient with Workshare Transact. Use the secure online platform to manage your document checklist and deliver your closing binders.

Reduce administration when you’re under pressure and create a better client experience.

Document collection

Organize and project manage transactions in a secure online workspace, without relying on email.

With files anchored to the online checklist in Workshare Transact, the latest version is available to all parties. And, when you’re creating the closing binder, you don’t have to hunt down fully executed versions. They’re all ready and waiting.

Manage transactions the right way

Cut admin

Minimize the amount of time spent on document administration to focus on clients instead. You can also reduce write-offs in the process.

Workshare Transact automates the deal closing process. You can manage multiple drafts between clients and other 3rd parties. Collect final versions and signature pages as you progress. Enable a smoother and more productive deal closing.

Closing binders

Produce closing binders in hours instead of week. Move onto your next project and reduce write-offs.

Signed versions are collected throughout the closing, so they’re all in one place. Workshare Transact has an integrated document viewer and PDF editor. Automatic creation of PDFs, with drag-and-drop assembly, mean creation of the closing binder happens instantly.

Reduce email

Provide secure access to files for all participants from any browser. You no longer need to share files over email. This removes the risk of files being sent to the wrong person during a closing.

Work in a well-structured, organized workspace that reflects the offline process you’re familiar with. The experience is more efficient; you’ll reduce email traffic and the associated stress.

Streamline post deal

Fabulous features of Workshare Transact:

  • Built-in DeltaView comparison speeds up review times
  • Get 2-way sync and share with all major DMSs
  • Filter checklists by status to see what’s outstanding
  • Provide instant updates to clients
  • Create multiple closing binders if needed
  • Ask questions and get support 24/7

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