Checklists & Closing Binders

Manage deals in a simpler and more controlled way, while reducing the administration overheads involved in getting to completion. Welcome to Workshare Transact!

Manage transactions the right way

Organize and project manage your large transactions without relying on emails or shared folders. Workshare 9.5 automates the process from managing multiple drafts to final signed-off versions enabling deals to move faster and more securely.

Manage transactions the right way

Eliminate email overload

Provide secure access to deal files for all participants from any browser. Eradicate document disorganization and general confusion as to status. You'll experience a large reduction in email and with redlines available online, there’s never any doubt about what’s new.

Cut document admin

Minimize your time spent on document administration, and get back to the practice of law. Workshare lets you avoid using email to share files, and eliminates excess document admin that has to be written off. With two-way syncing to the DMS, another time consuming step is removed.

Streamline post deal

Produce closing binders in minutes instead of days. Workshare 9.5's integrated document viewer and PDF editor makes this possible. Automatic creation of PDFs and drag-and-drop assembly mean creation happens instantly.

Streamline post deal

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