File protection & Risk detection

Protect the contents of the files shared and emailed by your business.

Prevent data loss and detect content at risk with metadata cleaning, recipient checking and analysis of the firm's mail flow. 

Get peace of mind that sensitive data is protected.

No need to reformat

Policy-driven security

Don't worry about files being emailed to the wrong person, or about accidental data loss. 

Apply security policies at a server level and prevent sensitive data being emailed inappropriately. Block files going to inappropriate people or domains.

Maintain ethical walls; whitelists and blacklists. And, detect when a sharing risk has occurred over email. These can then be investigated, and threats neutralized. 

Customize settings according to your company's security policies. 

No need to reformat

Desktop. Mobile. Online. All protected.

Get complete document protection from the desktop, mobile or online. Remove the risk of accidental and embarrassing data loss. 

Regardless of how you share – from Outlook, your mobile device or via Workshare Connect, the same protection can be applied. 

No need to reformat

Risk-free attachments

Take the risk out of sharing files with Workshare. 

Apply security policies to strip out sensitive metadata, convert files to PDF and password protect your files. Or, they can be converted and sent as a secure link. 

There are no pop ups to interrupt workflow - files are processed quickly and seamlessly to prevent data loss.