File Sharing & DMS Mobility

Seamlessly integrate with your DMS to open new collaboration possibilities. Access documents stored in your DMS and share with colleagues, clients and third parties.

Access files anywhere

Access your documents on your mobile device from wherever they're stored. Workshare creates a secure two-way "sync" so you get up-to-date, offline access to your files. You can even run file comparisons on the move.

Access files anywhere

Invite others safely

Share files from your DMS with clients without exposing your firm to the risk of sharing sensitive data. Externalize your system of record by synchronizing files to Workshare online letting clients review, markup and see redlines.

All under your control

Our Hybrid option keeps the file storage in your own data center. This data location option and tight DMS integration mean never having to lose control of where the files are held, no matter how they’re shared.

Extend your DMS investment

Dramatically extend the ROI of your DMS. By opening up the DMS store, Workshare gets more value from your investment. In tandem, you reduce IT operating costs by keeping control of how files are stored, shared, backed up and audited.


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