Updating reviewers

Organizations frequently update a vast amount of content and documentation, but need to ensure that the consumers of this information – inside and outside the organization – receive the latest versions.

Examples of this are pricing information, financial reports and sales materials. Increasingly, end users are distributed geographically and also more mobile, so organizations are looking for tools that allow them to easily update and push the correct and latest content out to their subscribers.

One of the most fundamental goals of any organization is finding a better way to work with and serve its customers. Sending attachments by email is not the most efficient or most secure way to send updated documents.

How do I mitigate the risk of out-of-date versions?

Especially in regulated industries, it is important to make available the most up-to-date version of documents (with visibility into what is shared, when and with whom, with a full audit trail). With Workshare, all documents are shared securely, constrained to an authorized group of internal or client individuals. Documents can be prevented from being re-shared, or even downloaded (displayed instead as a perfect online, read-only rendering). All access and download interactions are audited to provide proof, for example, of dissemination of up-to-date information for regulatory purposes.

How do I keep employees and customers up-to-date?

Workshare products enable secure file sharing and employee collaboration across offices and organizational boundaries. For external document consumers, client service and communication is improved by providing a single, unifying place for accessing the latest version of documents. Creating a secure workspace online to access documents, replaces email, deal rooms, intranets and extranets that are used in isolation. Workshare provides an efficient, single way for employees and clients to stay on top of version updates, with notification features to automatically alert them of what’s new.