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Share ideas, never miss a conversation, and ensure everyone is always up-to-date. Evolve high-value business documents with anyone, anywhere.
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Share & Sync Documents

Make it easy for users to share files and access anytime and anywhere, on any device. Maintain full control over access and file sharing, so users stay productive safely, wherever they work.


Evolve business documents from draft to completion faster in an online collaboration space. Owners and reviewers work together in a flexible but structured way.


Users work together in the online workspace, or offline on a range of mobile apps, anywhere on any device. IT maintains ultimate control over who has access and what devices can be used.

Compare Documents

Simplify how document owners view changes between versions to ensure accuracy. Step through what's new, focus on things that matter, and manage changes to reach the final version faster.


Maintain absolute control over how documents are stored and shared. Implement strong security policies to protect your data.
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Remove Hidden data

Eliminate the risk of accidentally sharing sensitive data. Ensure hidden data – such as comments, track changes and speaker notes – is removed before documents are emailed or shared online.

Data Governance

Enforce strong security policies to protect corporate data and content across email, mobile and online channels and a variety of connected storage platforms.

Data Location

Choose where your data is stored. IT can select a specific geographic location from our highly secure data centers, or leverage their own on-premise data store in a hybrid deployment model.

ECM/DMS Integrations

With full integration with leading Document Management Systems, IT groups can safely add collaboration features that keep a detailed activity log and leverage established investments and workflows.

Trust Workshare.


"Workshare is a viable option for organizations with an ECM system that want to securely collaborate on high-value content and documents, using a hybrid or public cloud architecture inside and outside the corporate firewall."


"Workshare offers an elegant, secure, policy-driven solution to organizations with the most rigorous security requirements."


"Workshare optimizes corporation-wide compliance with regard to outbound documents and makes document-intensive tasks considerably easier for the user."

Bird & Bird

"Workshare is providing solutions with an easy and secure way of working, enabling IT to be guardians of our data through enforcing policy and keeping information secure."

NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement

"The transition to Workshare was painless. Because Workshare provides all the functionality we need in a single platform, it’s helped our ICT department manage collaboration costs. We are very satisfied with the benefits Workshare has brought to the NHS."

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