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Workshare 9

Workshare 9 combines document comparison, metadata removal and file sharing capabilities for secure and accurate document-centric collaboration.

Compare, Protect, Connect

All of Workshare's applications, in a single, fully integrated product.

See what's

Receive alerts when reviewers make changes and compare versions with a single click.


Remove metadata and enforce policy when sharing sensitive documents.

Integrated with workflows

Share documents directly from Office apps and ECM/DMS, while maintaining version history.


Workshare Connect enables secure file sharing and efficient collaboration from any device, across web, mobile and desktop.

Share and review

Bring documents, conversations and people together for more efficient collaboration.

Work anywhere

Sync devices to access documents, and collaborate on the move.

Data Location control

Choose a storage location for shared files - in a particular country or on-premise.

Mobilize and externalize DMS

Sync and share content securely, while maintaining version history and an audit trail.



Workshare Compare makes it easy to see what's changed between documents, quickly and accurately.

Compare any
file format

Accurately compare multiple versions of Microsoft Office, PDF, and scanned documents.

Accept or
reject changes

Manage changes directly in a DeltaView redline and progress to the next version faster.

Accurate comparison

Category filtering and grouping eliminates the risk of missing changes.

Workflow integration

Compare directly from an Outlook inbox or familiar ECM/DMS application.


Workshare Protect helps companies eliminate the risk of accidentally sharing sensitive data, without interrupting established workflows.

Strip out
sensitive data

Remove metadata from email attachments without pop-ups interrupting workflow.


Send cleaned attachments as secure links for controlled access from any device.

360° protection

Apply consistent protection across Microsoft Outlook, webmail, and mobile.

Enforce policy

Mitigate risk, and ensure data governance and compliance.


Workshare Transact makes managing complex deals simple, minimizing time spent on document administration.

Legal transaction management

Organize complex legal transactions, and provide a better deal experience for all participants.

Structured File Exchange

Create the documents checklist online to provide a secure, structured workspace for lawyers to exchange files securely.

Efficient Deal Processes

Save time by eliminating deal admin and document management tasks, allowing deals to be completed at a lower overall cost.

Deltaview Built-in

Automatically generate DeltaView comparisons of transaction documents.


"Workshare is a viable option for organizations with an ECM system that want to securely collaborate on high-value content and documents, using a hybrid or public cloud architecture inside and outside the corporate firewall."

"Workshare offers an elegant, secure, policy-driven solution to organizations with the most rigorous security requirements."


"Workshare optimizes corporation-wide compliance with regard to outbound documents and makes document-intensive tasks considerably easier for the user."

Bird & Bird

"Workshare is providing solutions with an easy and secure way of working, enabling IT to be guardians of our data through enforcing policy and keeping information secure."

NHS Institute of Innovation and Improvement

"The transition to Workshare was painless. Because Workshare provides all the functionality we need in a single platform, it’s helped our ICT department manage collaboration costs. We are very satisfied with the benefits Workshare has brought to the NHS."

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